SALES – factor for success in business


Sales is an elementary success factor for any company. It will ensure the sale and the distribution of products or services on the market. To keep or even increase the success, a smart marketing strategy is necessary.

With our services and the experience of over 20 years in the industrial environments, with a focus on B2B sales of complex products, we can help you to achieve your goals.

Our services include


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Sales strategy

Today’s right sales strategy assures the company's success for tomorrow. Based on our years of experience, we know the challenges at each stage and hence we can offer you the right solution.

With your cooperation we review or develop a customized sale strategy suitable for your business and the market. Furthermore we support you actively during the realization.

Strategies of today – tomorrow’s success


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Customer Acquisition

Our goal is to ensure your economic success sustainably and on a long term basis. After the order is before the order, so we help you to attract new customers and retain or expand the installed base. We examine the entire process from the address procurement, telemarketing until closing of the transaction.

Our goal - your economic success


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Sales Outsourcing

With all of our experience, we support you and your team to fully exhaust your sales potential and to close any gaps. The benefit for you is obvious: inexpensive way to gain new customer potentials and thereby increase sales without having to tie up your own resources.


More turnover through professional outsourcing





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