Your business has to be adjust to a new market environment?

You want to develop and implement new sales strategies?

External solutions that support the sales department are part of business nowadays.

Increase your sales without the high risk and the considerable – and mainly financial – effort of permanent employment of sales people. This means for you: entrepreneurial flexibility, reduced overheads and pooling of risk.

With all of our experience, we support you and your team to fully exploit your sales potential and to close any gaps.

Your company therefore has a sales management on demand!

We gladly take over for you

Aufzaehlung 00  Cold calls for customer acquisitions
Aufzaehlung 00  Servicing your existing customers
Aufzaehlung 00  Continuous support of resubmissions
Aufzaehlung 00  Cleanup of the inventory data of prospect and customers
Aufzaehlung 00  Marketing actions by mail or Email
Aufzaehlung 00  Tracking of marketing activities
Aufzaehlung 00  Market studies
Aufzaehlung 00  Launch of products and services

Your advantages

Aufzaehlung 00  Transparent and measurable results
Aufzaehlung 00  More efficient utilization respectively relieve your sales employees or sales manager in sales activities.
Aufzaehlung 00  Minute Start by existing network and existing infrastructure
Aufzaehlung 00  You can concentrate more on your core competencies
Aufzaehlung 00  New business opportunities arise through our partnership.

Talk to us! We discuss with you the different ways of sales outsourcing.




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