Everybody knows it -the product sells almost by itself. But when the profit and revenue decreases, the cost-cutting phase begins.

This is due to changes in the economy, the demanding competition, globalization and to some extent of a matured market.


Therefore, a sales strategy will need to be

Aufzaehlung 00  adjusted to the market conditions (know the customer needs)
Aufzaehlung 00  dynamic (keep an eye on the customer and the market)
Aufzaehlung 00  To work up strategy means to answer questions
Aufzaehlung 00  What has to be sold (product/service)
Aufzaehlung 00  Who are the target customers (ABS analysis)
Aufzaehlung 00  How to ensure customers loyalty
Aufzaehlung 00  What are selling arguments (positioning/completion)
Aufzaehlung 00  What are the conditions (price)


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